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Hansen Nursery is a small specialty nursery that has been in business for more than 35 years, and is focused primarily on species cyclamen, both hardy and tender.  We grow mostly bulbs and a few perennials, mostly those that grow well in rock gardens and troughs, although a few such as lilies and peonies are more suitable for garden borders. We hope you will take the opportunity to fill your garden with these charming plants.

We are a mail-order nursery focused on retail sales. We do have seed of Cyclamen hederifiolium and C. coum this year. Seed generally takes two to four years from germination to flowering.

The nursery is located fourteen miles inland from the southwestern Oregon coast in the Coquille River Valley and receives about 52 inches of rain falling from October to May.

Our focus has always been on quality and on providing hardy plants that will grow without a lot of attention, will tolerate dry conditions and will need minimal fertilizers and pesticides.  If properly located in the garden, bulbs will survive amazingly well, provided they are watered during dry periods for the first year or two after planting.  Weeding is probably the most important task, and my favorite form of meditation.

All plants listed in the catalog are grown from seed collected in the nursery or purchased through reliable sources or from divisions or cuttings.  None are wild-collected.

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